Rocktivity Walk N Roll Rider, Blue

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We know that you want to help your baby to start walking and we believe that music can help you do that! With the WALK ‘N ROLL RIDER toy, every step is rewarded with rockin’ tunes that encourage baby to keep movin’! We’ve also built this walker to easily convert to a ride-on toy for scootin’ fun. BEEP! BEEP! VROOM! VROOM! Baby coming through!

Playskool Rocktivity Walk 'N Roll Rider (Boy)
Rockin’ the stages of physical development! View larger.

Rockin’ The Stages Of Physical Development!

The WALK ‘N ROLL RIDER toy from PLAYSKOOL not only gives your baby a rocked-out bike to ride, but it also helps your little one grow! With cool pop music, fun sounds, and engaging dashboard activities, this convertible walker-rider gives your baby that extra push to start walking and scooting!

The WALK ‘N ROLL RIDER toy includes 15+ rockin’ tunes and fun sounds, featuring fun, digitally re-created pop tunes such as:
“I Like To Move It”
“Walking on the Sun”
“Life is a Highway”

This toy is designed to help baby with big-picture development: from sitting and standing, to walking and scooting. The dashboard features fine-motor activities like pressing and turning, to help develop baby’s dexterity.

Playskool Rocktivity Walk 'N Roll Rider (Boy)
Makes music with every step!
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Cause and effect is introduced through music rewards as baby hears the tunes in response to moving the toy forward or backward. With the discovery of music, your little rider will be enticed to keep exploring in order to trigger the auditory stimulation of music and sound effects.

Make music with every step!

With the WALK ‘N ROLL RIDER toy, your baby will get walking and scooting with pop music, fun sounds and activities that encourage him to keep moving.

Playskool Rocktivity Walk 'N Roll Rider (Boy)
Easily converts into baby’s first ride-on toy! View larger.

How it works:

We have supplied your baby with some sweet wheels plus a rockin’ soundtrack through this convertible walker-rider toy. Baby activates the tunes by walking with or scooting the bike forward. And the more baby rolls along with the bike, the more tunes will play!

Dashboard activities simulate authentic motorcycle sounds as baby twists the handlebar, presses the horn, and turns the key to make revving engine sounds.

Music you’ll love! Toys they’ll groove to!

With fun pop music, we know that you’ll enjoy the WALK ‘N ROLL RIDER toy with your baby. There are 15+ rockin’ tunes and fun sounds to keep baby engaged and on the go!

What’s in the Box

Gas tank, motorcycle frame, handlebar, front fork, front tire, two front wheels, two rear wheels, two hubcaps, seat, bag of screws and instructions.

PLAYSKOOL Rocktivity
Walk ‘n Roll Rider

At a Glance:

  • A walker that converts into baby’s first ride-on toy!
  • Includes fun pop music and dashboard activities!
  • Baby’s every move will start the music!
  • Features fun, digitally re-created pop tunes!
  • Encourages gross-motor development, music exploration, and cause and effect

Age/Weight Requirements:

  • Nine months and up

Assembly Requirements:

  • Two AA batteries
  • Adult assembly
  • Phillips/cross head screwdriver

Note: This toy is packaged in DEMO mode. When you bring the toy home, activate its full range of features by moving its DEMO/PLAY switch to the PLAY position.

(!) WARNING: Product must be assembled by an adult. Keep small parts necessary for assembly out of children’s reach.

(!) WARNING: TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY: Continuous adult supervision required; never use near motor vehicles, near streets, swimming pools, hills, steps or sloped driveways. Always wear shoes. Allow only one rider.

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  • Electronic Walk N Roll Rider toy features musical sounds and lights
  • Dashboard has beeping horn and revving engine key
  • Handlebars are easy to grasp and one side clicks
  • Maximum weight: 42 lb
  • More than 15 rocking tunes and fun sounds

Rocktivity Walk N Roll Rider, Blue

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